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Kampot pepper quality

KADODÉ kampot pepper quality

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All of FARMLINK's partners adhere to the Geographical Indication Controlled by ECOCERT.
They meet the criteria of geographical indication as well as the strict specifications loads regarding Kampot Pepper.

KAMPOT PEPPER, Protected Geographical Indication

Kampot farms use only natural fertilizers and pesticides. All Pepper cuttings must origin from Kampot Pepper vines.
Vines are planted on small linear billons. A space of at least 1,80 m shall separate the vines with a visible location for the input of natural fertilizers and new soil.

A shelter has to be built and maintain on the plantation to provide shadow to the pepper vines, at least until they are 3 years old.
Each parcel of pepper should be elevated to allow proper drainage of rainwater. New soil must be added regularly.

KADODÉ and traceability requirements

KADODÉ and traceability requirements

The main particularity of KADODÉ Kampot pepper is a 100% traceability to each farmers.
Traceability is the key today to ensure that each consumer can be responsible for his choice and make sure he is buying the right product at the right quality. Farmlink collects and selects raw Kampot pepper from its farmer partners directly.

This task is time consuming and laborious due to access difficulty to most Kampot pepper gardens.
Dirt roads are in very poor condition, often with several hundred pounds of Kampot pepper loaded on small pick-ups. Then every batch is carefully identified and followed throughout all the the refinery stages until final vacuum packing.

This allows to know the exact origin of the farm from which your Kampot pepper.
Simply note the lot number marked on your bag to discover the name of the farmer who grew your Kampot pepper.

Refining and premium selection of KADODÉ Kampot pepper

The next step to become a KADODÉ Kampot pepper is a meticulous cleaning of the raw peppercorns and a traditional sun drying. The first operation is done immediately after picking the Kampot pepper from the farms. Then a second cleaning is done before the Kampot Pepper is sun dried in our Farmlink premises.

To preserve the unique taste of Kampot pepper, this delicate spice cannot be sterilized or irradiated as most peppers are. It must be cleaned with the utmost care with pure water. Drying pepper is also a complicated operation in a tropical climate, since our teams have to constantly be on the alert to shelter pepper before the rain makes its appearance.

Sorting is the process that ensures the best selection of peppercorns, making sure no damaged or mouldy berries will distort the aromas during tasting. Manual sorting is still the only technique that provides an ideal selection. Size and visual appearance are two criteria used by our highly trained and experienced FARMLINK sorting team.

Each peppercorn's tail is manualy removed with a small depilatory clip .
Finally, to preserve the taste of Kampot pepper until it reaches a dining table, KADODÉ Kampot pepper is carefully vacuum packed after sorting.


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